About Us

The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation began tragically after Paul McCarty lost his life in a car accident on August 9, 2002. Initially, the foundation’s purpose was to raise money for Paul’s son’s college education.  He was only 10 weeks old when his dad passed away.  Family and friends were searching for ways to help his family, and with the help of a small South Riding community, a golf tournament was organized. 
In the years since and with the persistent help of their community, the McCarty-McCormick family has continued the tradition of fundraising to help local families who are facing adversity. We have raised over $250,000 and helped eight families rebuild their lives after a tragedy.
The motto for the foundation is “Neighbors helping Neighbors” and the previous recipients are all actively involved in paying it forward to families who follow them. Almost every expense for the tournament is donated by local businesses, which allows the foundation to substantially grow each year.  Once a business decides to get involved, they stay involved.  They like the unique quality of the tournament and are moved by the spirit with which it was formed.
By getting involved in this foundation, you get the unique opportunity to experience the best that people have to offer.  Family, friends, neighbors and strangers pull together to do what it takes to offer hope.  Paul’s wife, Susan, is now the President of the Cormac Finn Foundation and she had no idea when she started this foundation that it would become such an addictive endeavor.  For her, it is more that just raising money for a family in need.  It is a day that she gets to honor her late husband and expose their son, Finn, to the life lessons that will carry him through a lifetime and for that, she is genuinely grateful.
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