Our Families
Meet the many families who have been supported by the Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation – all of whom come back the following year to “pay it forward” and help the family who follows them.  
Finn McCarty lost his dad when he was 10 weeks old from a car accident.

Danny & Rachel also lost their dad in a car accident.

The Campagna family was displaced after Hurricane Katrina and moved to South Riding, VA to be with Elba's sister.

Carter & Anna lost their dad to a rare form of cancer.

Maggie (14), Molly (11), Andrew (8) lost their dad to lung cancer.

Holly & Cody lost their dad to lung cancer.

Sara Brown-Parnell and her family (2012).  
Sara lost her battle to cancer July of 2012.

Maylin Galicia and her family (2014).
Maylin is battling Colon Cancer, Stage IV.

Barbara Cusato and her family (Summer/Fall 2014).
Barbara was diagnosed with ALS in 2011.

Elizabeth Scott and her family (Summer 2015). Elizabeth was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in May of 2015.
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