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The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation is dedicated to improving Loudoun County by offering hope and assistance to families who are facing a difficult time.  For the last 14 years, this small neighborhood in the Dulles South Region has sent a message of hope to the families who live there.  One in four people suffer from mental illness in this country, and often it is difficult to get help so the illness goes undiagnosed and untreated.  Mental health services cost a lot of money and are often difficult to get reimbursed though insurance carriers, so many families elect to suffer in silence.  The CFM Foundation ensures that any family, who is interested in receiving mental health therapy and can’t afford it, receives it – regardless of their ability to pay.  Scholarships are put aside which allow you to receive twelve free sessions of therapy.  

Thank you for visiting us!  We hope you enjoy learning about the many families who have touched our lives.  They were all forced to experience a very difficult time in their lives, yet with the help of people who care, they are all moving forward and making a difference on their own.

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