The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation - Neighbors Helping Neighbors
2015 Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation is working in partnership with South Riding Stingrays for our current fundraising efforts.

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Welcome to the Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation!   We are a foundation dedicated to improving our community by offering hope and assistance to families who are facing a difficult time.  For the last 12 years, this small neighborhood in South Riding, Virginia has sent a message of hope to the families who live there -  What happens to you, happens to us all.  They are a neighborhood who cares about the people who live there, and will do whatever it takes to make a difference – one family at a time.

Thank you for visiting us!  We hope you enjoy learning about the many families who have touched our lives.  They were all forced to experience a very difficult time in their lives, yet with the help of people who care, they are all moving forward and making a difference on their own.

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